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hey all--

I'm working on a method in my first OO project which seems like it should be simple but ended up pretty complex (and still doesn't DWIW). The idea is that I only want to allow certain values to be passed as parameters, and I want to assign a default if the value passed is not one of the legal ones. Here my attempted WTDI:

#! perl -w use strict; package Test; sub new { my $class = $_[0]; my $self = {'associations' => undef, 'balance_by' => undef, 'comment' => undef}; bless $self, $class; return $self; } sub balance_by { my $self = shift; my $entry = shift; my %valid_params = map {$_ => 1} ('foo', 'bar'); unless (defined $self->{'balance_by'}) { $self->{'balance_by'} = (defined $entry && $valid_params{$entry}) ? $entry : 'foo'; } return $self->{'balance_by'}; } my $lex = Test->new(); $lex->balance_by('bar'); print $lex->balance_by();

initially this seemed to work fine, but when I went back and added the line

print $lex->balance_by('baz')
it still prints "bar". I realize now that the way I used the unless loop makes it impossible to update the value once it has been defined once, but I am at a loss. How should I go about doing this?

thanks in advance,

this was going to be a question about lists, arrays, $_, @_, and shift, but an excellent CB discussion unmuddied my head a bit (or at least showed me that the subject is inherently muddy ;-)

In reply to only allow certain parameters by aufrank

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