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#!/usr/bin/perl # - Talking Perl Monks # By Joe Stewart # Mainly just a hack to the sample driver program for # by Diego Zamboni, May 2000. # # Use: # -l Username # Asks for your password. Stores cookies in ~/.pm-cookie. # This is only necessary the first time you use it. After that it + uses # the cookie automatically. # Type messages to send # Type /checkoff <number> to remove personal messages (this is the equ +ivalent # of checking on them in the web page). # use strict; use PerlMonksChat; use IO::Select; use Text::Wrap qw(wrap); use Speech::Festival; $| = 1; $SIG{'INT'} = \&endit; my $festival = new Speech::Festival; conn $festival || warn "Could not connect to festival: $!"; my $user; my $passwd; my $usecolor=1; my $color_username=""; my $color_personalmsg=""; my $color_sysmsg=""; my $color_normal=""; if ($ARGV[0] && $ARGV[0] eq "-l") { shift @ARGV; $user=shift @ARGV or die "User expected as argument to -l\n"; print "Password? "; $passwd=<STDIN>; chomp $passwd; } my $period=shift @ARGV || 10; if ($usecolor) { eval "use Term::ANSIColor"; unless ($@) { $color_username=color('BOLD GREEN'); $color_personalmsg=color('YELLOW BOLD'); $color_sysmsg=color('RED'); $color_normal=color('reset'); } } my $p=PerlMonksChat->new(); $p->add_cookies; if ($user) { $p->login($user, $passwd); } my $s=IO::Select->new; $s->add(\*STDIN); while (1) { my @lines = map { s/^(<[^>]+>)/$color_username$1$color_normal/; s/^(\(\d+\)\s*\*.*)$/$color_personalmsg$1$color_normal +/; wrap("", "\t", "$_\n") } $p->getnewlines(1); for (@lines) { print; &speak_to_me($_); } my @ready=$s->can_read($period); if (@ready) { foreach (@ready) { my $line=<$_>; chomp $line; if ($line =~ /^\/?(checkoff|co)\s+/ && (my @ids=($line=~/(\d+) +/g))) { $p->checkoff(map { 'deletemsg_'.$_ } @ids); print $color_sysmsg, "* Done *", $color_normal,"\n"; } elsif ($line =~ /^\s*\/quit\s*$/) { exit; } else { $p->send($line); } } } } sub speak_to_me($) { my $text = shift; $text =~ s/^.*?\s+//; request $festival "(SayText \"$text\")"; } sub endit { print "Disconnecting from Festival: "; disconnect $festival; exit; }

In reply to Monktalk by httptech

Use:  <p> text here (a paragraph) </p>
and:  <code> code here </code>
to format your post; it's "PerlMonks-approved HTML":

  • Are you posting in the right place? Check out Where do I post X? to know for sure.
  • Posts may use any of the Perl Monks Approved HTML tags. Currently these include the following:
    <code> <a> <b> <big> <blockquote> <br /> <dd> <dl> <dt> <em> <font> <h1> <h2> <h3> <h4> <h5> <h6> <hr /> <i> <li> <nbsp> <ol> <p> <small> <strike> <strong> <sub> <sup> <table> <td> <th> <tr> <tt> <u> <ul>
  • Snippets of code should be wrapped in <code> tags not <pre> tags. In fact, <pre> tags should generally be avoided. If they must be used, extreme care should be taken to ensure that their contents do not have long lines (<70 chars), in order to prevent horizontal scrolling (and possible janitor intervention).
  • Want more info? How to link or or How to display code and escape characters are good places to start.
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