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#! /usr/perl/bin -w # # david landgren 28-sep-1999 # copyright (c) David Landgren 2001 # This program is free software, it is distributed # under the sames terms as Perl itself. (Did I get that right?) use strict; use Win32::OLE qw/in/; use constant INBOX => 6; my $r; eval { $r = Win32::OLE->GetActiveObject('Outlook.Application') }; if ($@ || !defined($r)) { $r = Win32::OLE->new('Outlook.Application', sub {$_[0]->Quit;}) or d +ie "oops\n"; } my $namespace = $r->GetNameSpace( 'MAPI' ) or die "can't open MAPI + namespace\n"; my $count = 0; my $folder; if( $folder = $namespace->GetDefaultFolder( INBOX )) { print "$folder->{Name}\n"; my $f = $folder; foreach( @ARGV ) { # re-reading this, I remember what this is for # you pass the names of the sub sub &#091;...] folder # you want to examine as arguments on the command line # e.g. perl archive 1999 lists vmsperl mkdir $_, 0666; chdir $_; $f = $f->Folders( $_ ); # walk down the folder path print "$f->{Name}\n" or die Win32::OLE->LastError() . "\n"; } foreach my $it (reverse in $f->Items) { ++$count; print "$it->{ReceivedTime} $it->{Subject}\n"; my $subj = $it->{Subject}; $subj =~ tr/a-zA-Z0-9/_/c; $subj =~ s/_+/_/g; open OUT, sprintf( ">%03s-$subj.txt", $count ) or die "Cannot open + $count for output: $!\n"; print OUT <<EOM; To: $it->{To} CC: $it->{CC} From: $it->{SenderName} Subject: $it->{Subject} Date: $it->{ReceivedTime} $it->{Body} EOM close OUT; } }

In reply to Extracting memos from an Outlook Inbox by grinder

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