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well the information is still available, var3 belongs to the tree below the first nextstate

$ perl -MO=Concise,-src|perl -pe 'substr $_, -1, 0, " " +x(68-length$_) . " #:$1" if /(^#|nextstate|var\d+)/;' syntax OK j <@> leave[1 ref] vKP/REFC ->(end) 1 <0> enter ->2 # 1: for ( # +:# 2 <;> nextstate(main 3 v:{ ->3 # +:nextstate 4 <1> preinc[t2] vK/1 ->5 - <1> ex-rv2sv sKRM/1 ->4 3 <#> gvsv[*var1] s ->4 # +:var1 5 <0> unstack v* ->6 i <2> leaveloop vK/2 ->j 6 <{> enterloop(next->c last->i redo->7) v ->f - <1> null vK/1 ->i h <|> and(other->7) vK/1 ->i g <1> postinc[t4] sK/1 ->h - <1> ex-rv2sv sKRM/1 ->g f <#> gvsv[*var2] s ->g # +:var2 - <@> lineseq vK ->- b <@> leave vKP ->c 7 <0> enter v ->8 # 6: $var4++; # +:# 8 <;> nextstate(main 1 v:{ ->9 # +:nextstate a <1> preinc[t8] vK/1 ->b - <1> ex-rv2sv sKRM/1 ->a 9 <#> gvsv[*var4] s ->a # +:var4 d <1> preinc[t6] vK/1 ->e - <1> ex-rv2sv sKRM/1 ->d c <#> gvsv[*var3] s ->d # +:var3 e <0> unstack v ->f

thanks Dave, I learned a lot! :)

Cheers Rolf
(addicted to the Perl Programming Language :)
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