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> seems like a TOC with both a few keywords for each topic AND the markup needed would be appropriate... but a big PITA.

For a start:

Hacked some code augmenting H-tags and generating a TOC:


HTH! :)

use strict; use warnings; use feature 'say'; use HTML::Entities; use Data::Dump qw/pp/; my $text; my %anchor_count; my @aoh_toc; my ($min,$max) = (3,6); my @stack; $stack[$min-1] = \@aoh_toc; # root while (my $line = <DATA>) { if ( $line =~ m# ^ (\s*) < \s* h([$min-$max]) \s* > (.*) </ \s* h(\ +2) \s* > \s*$ #xi ) { #say $line; my ($indent,$level,$text) = ($1,$2,$3); if ( $indent ) { # ignore indented <h*> warn "Skipping $line"; } else { my $anchor = text2anchor($text); warn "Duplicate '$anchor' " if $anchor_count{$anchor}++; $line = "<h$level><a name='$anchor'>$text</a></h$level>\n"; my $a_sub = []; push @{$stack[$level-1]}, { text => $text, link => $anchor, sub => $a_sub, level => $level, }; $stack[$level] = $a_sub; } #say $line; } $text .= $line } # pp \@aoh_toc; say "<ul>"; create_toc(\@aoh_toc); say "</ul>"; print $text; sub text2anchor { my ($text) = @_; # trim $text =~ s/^\s+//; $text =~ s/\s+$//; # make valid indentifier my $encoded = encode_entities( $text ); # replace whitespaces $encoded =~ s/\s/_/g; return $encoded; } sub create_toc { my ($aoh_toc) = @_; for my $h_line (@$aoh_toc) { my $indent = " " x ($h_line->{level}-$min); say qq~$indent<li><a href='#$h_line->{link}'>$h_line->{text}</a> +</li>~; my $a_sub = $h_line->{sub}; if ( @$a_sub ) { say "$indent<ul>"; create_toc($a_sub); say "$indent</ul>"; } } } __DATA__ ...


something is wrong, for a reason I do not understand yet the anchors are filtered ...

need to check the allowed tags in the monastery... (under construction)

produced HTML see reply here Re^3: TOCs and deeplinks for our house rules


needed extra <a name="$target"> tags


Forgot to mention, I had to change the input at some places:

  • Some h3 needed to be h4 to be properly nested
  • some heading were just examples and were indented to be ignored
An included heading needs to start a line without leading whitespace and can't be followed by anything else but whitespace.

In reply to Re^2: TOCs and deeplinks for our house rules by LanX
in thread TOCs and deeplinks for our house rules by LanX

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