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Whats wrong with this code ? I get no handshake .... Only i get this message in the console:
DEBUG: .../IO/Socket/ new ctx 32253824 DEBUG: .../IO/Socket/ start handshake DEBUG: .../IO/Socket/ starting sslifying DEBUG: .../IO/Socket/ Net::SSLeay::accept -> 0 DEBUG: .../IO/Socket/ SSL connect accept failed because of + handshake problemserror:00000000:lib(0):func(0):reason(0) DEBUG: .../IO/Socket/ free ctx 32253824 open=32253824 DEBUG: .../IO/Socket/ free ctx 32253824 callback DEBUG: .../IO/Socket/ OK free ctx 32253824 SSL accept failed: SSL connect accept failed because of handshake prob +lemserror:00000000:lib(0):func(0):reason(0) at line 101 +.
use strict; use warnings; use feature 'state'; no strict 'refs'; my %lkup; our %config; our %language; our $dbh; our %srv_modes; our $HOST = $config{server}; our $PORT = $config{port}; our $last_RnR = time; our $last_UPDATE = time; our( %srvban, %loggedin, %rooms) = ((),(),(),()); my $uid; my $die = 0; require "config.cfg"; require 5.002; use IO::Socket::SSL 'inet4'; use IO::Select; $IO::Socket::SSL::DEBUG = 3; use Time::HiRes; use HTML::Template; use Text::Wrap; use Fcntl ':flock'; use strict; no strict 'refs'; $SIG{INT} = sub{ exit; }; use Parallel::ForkManager; $|=1; sub _uid { state $uid = 0; $uid = 1 if ++$uid > 2e9; $uid; } my %clients = (); my $select = IO::Select->new; my $server = IO::Socket::INET->new( LocalHost => 'host', LocalPort => 63027, Proto => 'tcp', Listen => 10000, Reuse => 1, ) or die "Sock Error: $!\n"; my $pm = Parallel::ForkManager->new(500); $pm->set_waitpid_blocking_sleep(0); $pm->run_on_finish( sub { my ($pid,$exitcode,$ident,$exitsignal,$coredump,$get) = @_; $clients{$ident}->{ident} = $ident; $clients{$ident}->{ip} = $get->{ip}; $clients{$ident}->{socket} = delete $lkup{$ident}; my $killsock = $get->{killing} || 0; my $sock = $clients{$ident}->{socket}; if($killsock){ delete $clients{$ident}; $select->remove($sock); } }); $server->autoflush(1); $select->add($server); while (1) { foreach my $key ($select->can_read()) { # foreach if ($key eq $server) { # if $bay eq $server next if $key eq ""; our $bay = $server->accept or next; my $ip = $bay->peerhost(); our $ident = _uid(); $lkup{$ident} = $bay; $select->add($bay); my $buffer = <$bay>; $pm->start($ident) and next; IO::Socket::SSL->start_SSL($bay, PeerAddr => $config{server}, SSL_verify_mode => SSL_VERIFY_PE +ER, verify_hostname => 1, SSL_hostname => $config{server}, SSL_port => $PORT, SSL_server => 1, SSL_ca_file => $config{ca_fil +e}, SSL_ca_path => $config{ca_path +}, SSL_verifycn_name => 'host', SSL_verifycn_scheme => 'http', SSL_cert_file => $config{cert_fi +le}, SSL_key_file => $config{key_file +}, ) or die "SSL accept failed: $SSL +_ERROR"; my $killing = 0; if( defined $buffer && $buffer =~ m/^GET\s\/\?sid=12\sHTTP +\/1\.1\s/ ){ print "$buffer"; sendHeader($bay); print "OK"; for( 1 .. 30 ){ # Firefox and other browsers $bay->syswrite("<!-- //--><!-- //--><!-- //--><!-- //--> +<!-- //-->\n\n"); } my $html=<<"EOT"; <html> <head> <title>hallo</title> </head> <body style='background-color: darkblue; color: #FFFFFF'> hello world </body> </html> EOT $bay->syswrite($html); }elsif( defined $buffer && $buffer =~ m/^GET\s\/\?printoal +l=1\sHTTP\/1\.1\s/ ){ foreach my $client( keys %clients ){ print "$buffer"; my $socket = $clients{$client}->{socket}; $socket->syswrite("The sun is shining\n"); print "Conntected: \n" . keys %clients; } $killing = 1; } $pm->finish(0, { ip => $ip, killing => $killing }); } } $pm->wait_all_children; } sub sendHeader { my $client = shift; if( defined $client ) { my $header =<<"EOT"; HTTP/1.1 200 OK Content-type: text/html\n\n EOT $client->syswrite($header); } }
Please help thanks.. Regards Sascha

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