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Measure angles with Astro::Coords::Angle or the angle method of Astro::Coord::ECI.

Ok, great, thanks, I had forgotten the critical word ::Coords:: here.

Implement star catalogs with Astro-Catalog

I'm trying to get my head around that. If I gave you:

my $stern = 'aldebaran';

, could this locate it without having to hard code the position?

Locate stars with Astro::Coord::ECI::Star or Astro::Coords/Astro::Telescope:

Yeah, so this looks very nice and clean. I've just lopped it into the beginning of what I had before mixing the sources:

fritz@laptop:~/Documents/gitlab1$ ./ Betelgeuse RA : 05:55:10.305 DEC: 07:24:25.43 NOW: Sun Dec 18 22:39:20 2022 OBS: 43 -116 830 AZ: 131.819209124284 EL: 44.4163511693206 ./ Name Right Ascension Declination Mars 1.22046550975414 0.432956445569288 Moon 3.66020589860573 -0.191580119364385 Aldeb 1.20392811802569 0.288139315093836 Time is Sun Dec 18 22:39:20 2022 Julian day is 2459932.73564815 fritz@laptop:~/Documents/gitlab1$


#!/usr/bin/perl use strict; use warnings; use Time::Piece; use Astro::Coord::ECI::Utils 'deg2rad'; use Astro::Coords; use Log::Log4perl; use Astro::Telescope; # Observer latitude, longitude and altitude # in decimal degrees and meters: my ( $lat, $lon, $alt ) = ( 43.0, -116.0, 830 ); my $star = Astro::Coords->new( name => 'Betelgeuse', ra => '05h 55m 10.30536s', dec => '07 24 25.4304', type => 'j2000', ); my $scope = Astro::Telescope->new( Name => "$lat $lon $alt", Lat => deg2rad($lat), Long => deg2rad($lon), Alt => $alt ); $star->telescope($scope); $star->datetime( Time::Piece->new ); print $star->name, "\n", "RA : ", $star->ra, "\n", "DEC:", $star->dec, + "\n\n", "NOW: ", scalar localtime, "\n", "OBS: ", $scope->name, "\n\n", "AZ: ", $star->az( format => 'deg' ), "\n", # Azimuth "EL: ", $star->el( format => 'deg' ), "\n"; # Elevation my $file = '/home/fritz/Documents/gitlab1/1.aldeb.txt'; # unlink $file or warn "Could not unlink $file: $!"; my $log_conf4 = "/home/fritz/Documents/gitlab1/conf_files/3.conf"; Log::Log4perl::init($log_conf4); #info my $logger = Log::Log4perl->get_logger(); $logger->info("$0"); $logger->info("Name\tRight Ascension\t\tDeclination"); for my $name (qw/Mars Moon/) { my $planet2 = Astro::Coords->new( planet => $name ); $planet2->datetime( Time::Piece->new ); my $ra = $planet2->ra( format => q/rad/ ); my $dec = $planet2->dec( format => q/rad/ ); $logger->info("$name\t$ra\t$dec"); } my $aldeb_ra_degrees = 68.98; my $aldeb_ra_radians = deg2rad($aldeb_ra_degrees); my $aldeb_declination_degrees = 16.509166666667; my $aldeb_dec_radians = deg2rad($aldeb_declination_degrees); $logger->info("Aldeb\t$aldeb_ra_radians\t$aldeb_dec_radians "); my $t = localtime; my $jd = $t->julian_day; $logger->info("Time is $t"); $logger->info("Julian day is $jd"); __END__

This is great progress, so I'm really pleased, and thanks for posting. I want to get away from as much hard-coding of values as possible. Let me ask this question:

How might we represent Orion as a perl data structure with as little cooking from scratch as possible? What about the Plieades?

Lots happening tonight, in the vicinity of Aldebaran....

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