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I tried what you said thusly:
package NCPS::Results; use strict; use warnings; use lib '/var/www/html/lib' ; use NCPS::UTIL qw/prepareExecute pretty_time getTableColumns input_tim +e convertTime getInfoById / ; use NCPS::Meets qw/getMeetInfo getEventLayout getPointsParadigm getEve +ntLayout2 /; use NCPS::Teams qw/getTeamInfo getAthlete/ ; use NCPS::Events qw/getEventInfo/ ; use NCPS qw/debug logtime /; use Data::Dumper ; $Data::Dumper::Sortkeys = 1 ; $Data::Dumper::Indent = 1 ; my $debug = 1 ; our (@ISA, @EXPORT_OK); BEGIN { require Exporter; @ISA = qw(Exporter); warn "NCPS::Meets found at $INC{'NCPS/'}\n" ; warn "Is NCPS::Meets a subclass of Exporter? ", NCPS::Meets->isa('Expo +rter') ? "Yes\n" : "No\n" ; warn "Can NCPS::Meets export getMeetInfo? ", (0 != grep { $_ eq 'getMe +etInfo'} @EXPORT_OK) ? "Yes\n" : "No\n" ; @EXPORT_OK = qw/ getTeamIdFromAbbr getMeetResults getTeamResults getResultDetail insertResult insertSplits insertRelay insertLeadoff getEventResults sortEventResults getScores getEventScores setEventScore updateMeetScores setMeetScore getCumulativeScores getPerformancePoints convertMeetToNWayDual scoreEvent addScoresAfterTheFact setResultScoreAndPlace deleteResult getEventIDFromResultRecord getLeadOffSplit updateMeetTimeStamp /; }
And I tested the module syntax command-line:
root@ncps-modperl-prod:/var/www/html/lib/NCPS# perl -ctw NCPS::Meets found at /var/www/html/lib/NCPS/ Is NCPS::Meets a subclass of Exporter? No Can NCPS::Meets export getMeetInfo? No NCPS::Meets found at /var/www/html/lib/NCPS/ Is NCPS::Meets a subclass of Exporter? Yes Can NCPS::Meets export getMeetInfo? No Subroutine getPerformancePoints redefined at line 58. Subroutine getTeamIdFromAbbr redefined at line 104. Subroutine getMeetResults redefined at line 112. Subroutine getTeamResults redefined at line 126. Subroutine getResultDetail redefined at line 256. Subroutine insertResult redefined at line 296. Subroutine insertSplits redefined at line 389. Subroutine insertRelay redefined at line 421. Subroutine getEventResults redefined at line 453. Subroutine sortEventResults redefined at line 650. Subroutine getEventScores redefined at line 718. Subroutine scoreEvent redefined at line 745. Subroutine updateMeetTimeStamp redefined at line 854. Subroutine getScores redefined at line 863. Subroutine setEventScore redefined at line 888. Subroutine updateMeetScores redefined at line 919. Subroutine setMeetScore redefined at line 939. Subroutine getCumulativeScores redefined at line 988. Subroutine convertMeetToNWayDual redefined at line 1016. Subroutine addScoresAfterTheFact redefined at line 1098. Subroutine setResultScoreAndPlace redefined at line 1132. Subroutine deleteResult redefined at line 1147. Subroutine getEventIDFromResultRecord redefined at line 117 +3. Subroutine getLeadOffSplit redefined at line 1194. Subroutine insertLeadoff redefined at line 1254. syntax OK
I double checked here:
package NCPS::Meets; use strict; use warnings; use feature qw( switch ); no warnings qw( experimental::smartmatch ); use lib '/var/www/html/lib' ; use NCPS qw/ debug / ; use NCPS::UTIL qw/prepareExecute display_event display_event2 getInfoB +yId/ ; use NCPS::Teams qw/getTeamInfo/ ; my $debug = 1 ; our (@ISA, @EXPORT_OK); BEGIN { require Exporter; @ISA = qw(Exporter); @EXPORT_OK = qw/ createMeet addMeetDirector addTeamsToMeet setupEventScores getEventStatus changeEventStatus getMeetInfo getMeetRoster getEventLayout getEventLayout2 getMyMeets getPointsParadigm getAllEventLayouts getAllScoringLayouts getAllFacilities getSubMeets getEventIDFromEventOrder getPointsLayout checkMeetId clearMeet getMeetsToEnter addDiveCat pastDeadline getReferees getMeetsToCertify getOfficials /; }
I'm guessing all those redefined statements indicate a rather serious problem somewhere. I'll follow that thread.

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