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You should skip that test if your VCS (e.g. git) is not (yet) clean.

Testing the Changes/ChangeLog is something you only want to do just before a release.

It is easy to built that skip into xt/99-changes.t. That is up to the OP. I'd use a module though:

$ cat xt/99-changelog.t #!/usr/bin/perl use strict; use warnings; use Test::More; eval "use Test::CPAN::Changes"; plan skip_all => "Test::CPAN::Changes required for this test" if $@; changes_file_ok ("ChangeLog"); done_testing;

And while at it, also add additional tests:

$ cat xt/50_manifest.t #!/usr/bin/perl use strict; use warnings; use Test::More; eval "use Test::DistManifest"; plan skip_all => "Test::DistManifest required for testing MANIFEST" if + $@; manifest_ok (); done_testing;
$ cat xt/40_filenames.t #!/usr/bin/perl use strict; use warnings; use Test::More; eval "use Test::Portability::Files"; plan skip_all => "1..0 # Test::Portability::Files required for these t +ests\n" if $@; BEGIN { $ENV{RELEASE_TESTING} = 1; } options (use_file_find => 0, test_amiga_length => 1, test_mac_length = +> 1); run_tests ();

Of course you need pod checks too and when all that is done, dig into Test::Kwalitee to go next-level.

Good luck and kudo's for trying!

edit: I tracked my ChangeLog check:

sub check_changelog { # Check if the first date has been updated ... my @td = grep m/^Change(?:s|Log)$/i => glob "[Cc]*"; unless (@td) { warn "No ChangeLog to check\n"; return; } my %mnt = qw( jan 1 feb 2 mar 3 apr 4 may 5 jun 6 jul 7 aug 8 sep +9 oct 10 nov 11 dec 12 ); open my $fh, "<", $td[0] or croak "$td[0]: $!\n"; while (<$fh>) { s/\b([0-9]{4}) (?:[- ]) ([0-9]{1,2}) (?:[- ]) ([0-9]{1,2})\b/$3-$2-$1/x; # 2015-01-15 => 15-01-2015 m/\b([0-9]{1,2}) (?:[- ]) ([0-9]{1,2}|[ADFJMNOSadfjmnos][acekopu][abcgilnprtvy]) (?: +[- ]) ([0-9]{4})\b/x or next; my ($d, $m, $y) = ($1 + 0, ($mnt{lc $2} || $2) + 0, $3 + 0); printf STDERR "Most recent ChangeLog entry is dated %02d-%02d- +%04d\n", $d, $m, $y; unless ($ENV{SKIP_CHANGELOG_DATE}) { my @t = localtime; my $D = Delta_Days ($y, $m , $d, $t[5] + 1900, $t[4] + 1, +$t[3]); $D < 0 and croak RED, "Last entry in $td[0] is in the f +uture!", RESET, "\n"; $D > 2 and croak RED, "Last entry in $td[0] is not up t +o date ($D days ago)", RESET, "\n"; $D > 0 and warn YELLOW, "Last entry in $td[0] is not toda +y", RESET, "\n"; } last; } close $fh; } # check_changelog

If you prefer dark themes or no colors at all, you probably want to alter the warning lines.

This check is based on English *only*. Even though I am Dutch, my log entries are English only.

@corion $ENV{SKIP_CHANGELOG_DATE} is set in the calling process if my git is not clean.

Enjoy, Have FUN! H.Merijn

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