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Hi, Monks.

I'm no great shakes at writing Perl but someone threw down the "write the 15 Puzzle" gauntlet (elsewhere) so I decided to try my hand — and I managed to produce my first-ever Perl game (or puzzle). (Of course, the 15 Puzzle has been done before but I wrote my (much simpler) version without reference to that and, heck, I'm proud of it, so give a nonexpert a break. That said, any constructive feedback would be most welcome.)

use strict; use warnings; use List::Util 'shuffle'; use Term::TransKeys; my $listener = Term::TransKeys->new(); $\=$/; # INTRO print for( '', 'Welcome to the 15 puzzle!', '', 'Use an arrow key to move a block into the empty position.', "You're trying to reach the position:", ' 01 02 03', '04 05 06 07', '08 09 10 11', '12 13 14 15', '', '^C to kill.', '' ); # GENERATE THE BOARD my @board; my $inversions; GEN: @board = (0, shuffle(1..15)); # @board = (1,0,2..15); # for testing $inversions = 0; for my $a(1..15) { for my $b(1..15) { ++$inversions if($a<$b and $board[$a]>$board[$b]) } } goto GEN if $inversions % 2; # PLAY THE GAME sub printboard { print join ' ', map {s/^00$/ /r} map {sprintf '%02d', $_} @board[0. +.3]; print join ' ', map {s/^00$/ /r} map {sprintf '%02d', $_} @board[4. +.7]; print join ' ', map {s/^00$/ /r} map {sprintf '%02d', $_} @board[8. +.11]; print join ' ', map {s/^00$/ /r} map {sprintf '%02d', $_} @board[12 +..15]; print ''; } print "The starting position is:"; printboard(); my %keys; $keys{$_} = 1 for qw/<UP> <DOWN> <RIGHT> <LEFT> <CONTROL+C>/; my $solved; while(!$solved){ my $key; while(not defined($key = $listener->TransKey())){sleep 1} next unless $keys{$key}; die "Have a great day!$/" if $key eq '<CONTROL+C>'; if ($key eq '<UP>' and grep {$_==0} @board[12..15] ) {print "Yo +u can't move up. The empty space is at the bottom."; next} if ($key eq '<DOWN>' and grep {$_==0} @board[0..3] ) {print "Yo +u can't move down. The empty space is at the top."; next} if ($key eq '<RIGHT>' and grep {$_==0} @board[0,4,8,12] ) {print "Yo +u can't move right. The empty space is at the left."; next} if ($key eq '<LEFT>' and grep {$_==0} @board[3,7,11,15]) {print "Yo +u can't move left. The empty space is at the right."; next} my ($zero) = (grep {$board[$_]==0} 0..15); if ($key eq '<UP>' ){ @board = (@board[0..$zero-1, $zero+4, $zero ++1..$zero+3, $zero, $zero+5..15]) }; if ($key eq '<DOWN>' ){ @board = (@board[0..$zero-5, $zero, $zero-3 +..$zero-1, $zero-4, $zero+1..15]) }; if ($key eq '<RIGHT>' ){ @board = (@board[0..$zero-2, $zero, $zero-1 +, $zero+1..15]) }; if ($key eq '<LEFT>' ){ @board = (@board[0..$zero-1, $zero+1, $zero +, $zero+2..15]) }; $solved = 1 if 16 == grep {$board[$_]==$_} 0..15; printboard(); } print "You've solved it!"
$_="msh210";$"=$\;@_=@{[split//,uc]}[2,0];$_="@_$\1";$\=$/;++$_[0]for$...1;print lc substr crypt($_,"@_"),1,6

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