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Hello Dear Monks,

I'm trying to install Net::Daemon. It requires JSON 2.5 As you can see below JSON 2.90 is installed (should be compatible with 2.5). Did you encounter this issue and solved it somehow? I'm using ActiveState perl 5.18.2

cpan> install Net::Daemon Running install for module 'Net::Daemon' Running make for M/MN/MNOONING/Net-Daemon-0.48.tar.gz Checksum for C:\Software\Perl5.18\cpan\sources\authors\id\M\MN\MNOONIN +G\Net-Daemon-0.48.tar.gz ok Net-Daemon-0.48/ Net-Daemon-0.48/ChangeLog Net-Daemon-0.48/lib/ Net-Daemon-0.48/lib/Net/ Net-Daemon-0.48/lib/Net/Daemon/ Net-Daemon-0.48/lib/Net/Daemon/ Net-Daemon-0.48/lib/Net/Daemon/ Net-Daemon-0.48/lib/Net/ Net-Daemon-0.48/Makefile.PL Net-Daemon-0.48/MANIFEST Net-Daemon-0.48/MANIFEST.SKIP Net-Daemon-0.48/META.yml Net-Daemon-0.48/README Net-Daemon-0.48/regexp-threads Net-Daemon-0.48/t/ Net-Daemon-0.48/t/base.t Net-Daemon-0.48/t/config.t Net-Daemon-0.48/t/fork.t Net-Daemon-0.48/t/forkm.t Net-Daemon-0.48/t/ithread.t Net-Daemon-0.48/t/ithreadm.t Net-Daemon-0.48/t/loop-child.t Net-Daemon-0.48/t/loop.t Net-Daemon-0.48/t/server Net-Daemon-0.48/t/single.t Net-Daemon-0.48/t/thread.t Net-Daemon-0.48/t/threadm.t Net-Daemon-0.48/t/unix.t Building M/MN/MNOONING/Net-Daemon-0.48.tar.gz Checking if your kit is complete... Looks good JSON 2.5 is required for $ENV{PERL_JSON_BACKEND} = 'JSON::XS' at c:/Software/Perl5.18/lib/CPAN/Meta/ line 23. at c:/Software/Perl5.18/lib/ExtUtils/ line 884. JSON 2.5 is required for $ENV{PERL_JSON_BACKEND} = 'JSON::XS' at c:/Software/Perl5.18/lib/CPAN/Meta/ line 23. Warning: No success on command[c:\Software\Perl5.18\bin\perl.exe Makef +ile.PL INSTALLDIRS=site] MNOONING/Net-Daemon-0.48.tar.gz c:\Software\Perl5.18\bin\perl.exe Makefile.PL INSTALLDIRS=site -- NO +T OK Running make test Make had some problems, won't test Running make install Make had some problems, won't install Failed during this command: MNOONING/Net-Daemon-0.48.tar.gz : writemakefile NO 'c:\S +oftware\Perl5.18\bin\perl.exe Makefile.PL INSTALLDIRS=site' returned +status 512 cpan> install JSON JSON is up to date (2.90). cpan>

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