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Ok, let's see here :) looking through my stuff I find expand unicode property (eg \p{Print}) to regex character class range so this seems to work

$ perl -Mutf8 -le " utf8->SWASHNEW(q/Print/) ; print for %INC"

A cleaner (no warnings) version seems to be

$ perl -le " qr{\P{Print}}; print for %INC; "

So you might grab perluniprops and qr// up a storm or File::Find and require up a storm

Anyway you look at it it's all kludges -- there needs to be an official API for this

preload_unicore (); print for keys %INC; sub preload_unicore { use File::Find::Rule; use Config(); my $privlib = $Config::Config{installprivlib}.'/'; my @files = File::Find::Rule->file->name(qr/\.pl$/)->in( $privlib. +'unicore/' ); tr{\\}{/} for $privlib, @files; s{^\Q$privlib\E}{} for @files; eval { require "$_"} for @files; }

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in thread Problems with unicode properties in regular expressions under chroot by sgifford

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