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Here's the full code:
#!/usr/local/perl5/bin/perl use strict; use diagnostics; $|++; $ENV{PATH} = "/bin:/sbin:/usr/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/local/ +sbin"; use CGI qw(:all delete_all escapeHTML); if (my $session = param('session')) { # returning to pick up session d +ata my $cache = get_cache_handle(); my $data = $cache->get($session); unless ($data and ref $data eq "ARRAY") { # something is wrong show_form(); exit 0; } print header; print start_html(-title => "Traceroute Results", ($data->[0] ? () : (-head => ["<meta http-equiv=refresh content=5>"])) +); print h1("Traceroute Results"); print pre(escapeHTML($data->[1])); print p(i("... working ...")) unless $data->[0]; print end_html; } elsif (my $host = param('host')) { # returning to select host if ($host =~ /^([a-zA-Z0-9.\-]{1,100})\z/) { # create a session $host = $1; # untainted now print h1("Yes"); my $session = get_session_id(); my $cache = get_cache_handle(); $cache->set($session, [0, ""]); # no data yet if (my $pid = fork) { # parent does delete_all(); # clear parameters param('session', $session); print redirect(self_url()); } elsif (defined $pid) { # child does close STDOUT; # so parent can go on unless (open F, "-|") { open STDERR, ">&=1"; exec "/usr/sbin/traceroute", $host; die "Cannot execute traceroute: $!"; } my $buf = ""; while (<F>) { $buf .= $_; $cache->set($session, [0, $buf]); } $cache->set($session, [1, $buf]); exit 0; } else { die "Cannot fork: $!"; } } else { show_form(); } } else { # display form show_form(); } exit 0; sub show_form { print header, start_html("Traceroute"), h1("Traceroute"); print start_form; print submit('traceroute to this host:'), " ", textfield('host'); print end_form, end_html; } sub get_cache_handle { require Cache::FileCache; Cache::FileCache->new ({ namespace => 'traceroute', username => 'nobody', default_expires_in => '30 minutes', auto_purge_interval => '4 hours', }); } sub get_session_id { require Digest::MD5; Digest::MD5::md5_hex(Digest::MD5::md5_hex(time().{}.rand().$$)); }

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