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Re: CGI Directory Lister

by Ranna (Acolyte)
on Jul 25, 2001 at 10:17 UTC ( #99587=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to CGI Directory Lister

Ahah, well, thanks to you and Some Random Fox (thanks, E), I think I pretty much got it working :o) I got rid of the file-extensions part 'cause the pss and viewsourse.php scripts were stupid, so now it's all in showtext.php (which I'll fix later)'s the code ^.^:

#!/usr/bin/perl # RedFox! Productions: DirList # All coding done by one Ranna Fox use rfp; use strict; use CGI qw( :standard ); my $r = new rfp; my $file = param('d') || "prefix/"; $r->print_start("RF!P::DL->($file);"); if ($file =~ /^\//) { print "<b> may not list files with absolute paths. Especi +ally not <em>that</em> absolute path</b>\n"; $r->print_end; exit; } elsif ($file =~ /\.\./) { print "<b>'Scuse me, I won't list directories with .. in their path. + Better fix that.</b>\n"; $r->print_end; exit; } elsif (not $file =~ /^prefix\//) { print "<b>See, the way things work is that if you're gonna list a di +rectory, you gotta put a 'prefix/' before it, which means it has to b +e in my directory.<b>\n"; $r->print_end; exit; } my $filen; ($filen = $file) =~ s{^prefix/}{/home/admin/ranna/public_html/}; if (not -d $filen) { print "<b>That...uh...doesn't appear to exist... o.O</b>\n"; $r->print_end; exit; } &parse_dir($filen, $file); sub parse_dir { my $dir = $_[0]; my $req = $_[1]; opendir(PARSEDIR, "$dir") || die "Couldn't open directory $dir: $!\n +"; my $currdir; $dir =~ s/(.*)\/$/$1/; ($currdir = $dir) =~ s{.*/([^/]*)$}{$1}; print "<li><b>$currdir/</b>\n<ul>\n"; foreach my $file (readdir(PARSEDIR)) { my $fullname = $dir . "/" . $file; next if ($file =~ /^\..*/ || ! -r $fullname); if (-d $fullname) { $req = $req . "/" . $file; &parse_dir($fullname, $req); } else { my $dirn; ($dirn = $dir) =~ s{/home/admin/ranna/public_html}{}; print "<li>[<a href=$dirn/$file>Bare link</a>]"; if (-T $fullname) { print "[<a href=/showtext.php?file=prefix$dirn/$file>Online</a +>]"; } else { print "[<a href=$dirn/$file>Download</a>]"; } print " - $file</li>\n"; } } closedir(PARSEDIR); print "</ul>\n"; } $r->print_end;
And, not to forget, an example.

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