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I feel this should be easy, however I am struggling a bit. The following bit of code is to allow me to take a single count and assign the count to a variable. What am I doing wrong?
my $Count_A_ANY = $dbh_B->selectall_arrayref( "SELECT Count(*) fro +m e_annotation_090812.annotation A WHERE A.user IN (SELECT T.Line FRO +M europhenome_annotation_090812.Temp_table T) AND entity_name LIKE '_ +%' AND evidence_code NOT LIKE '%_________8__' AND A.centre LIKE '".$R +eference."'", { Slice => {} });
I then go on to:
my $Result_summary = "Counts/Summary_table.txt"; open (RESULT_SUMMARY, "+>>$Result_summary") || die "Error opening +outfile.$!,stopped"; if ($loop_count == 1 ){ print RESULT_SUMMARY "Reference center\tComparitor center\tArray p +osition\tKnockout no.\tNo. of agreed parameters\tNo. of hits for refe +rence center A\tD_divided_by_E"; }