in reply to RFC: PerlMonks above the fold navigation

Consider the existing grouping. Here is that list without class="topnavmenu inline-list"

You've made a nice butterfly, but completely destroyed the existing grouping -- "Cool Uses For Perl" is top left and thats just wrong :)

Here is my attempt to make a butterfly without changing the groups

But yeah, I come to mostly read/answer questions

Obviously some things (Poetry) will just have to be moved

Obviously I may have missed the point behind your butterfly, but I'm going to post what I have anyway :)

I've recommended a NEW QUESTION link before

This is jarring because the main navigation of a site should not change at all when navigating around a site let alone logging in/out.

I don't know how jarring it can be for Log in | Create a new user to disappear -- perlmonks is very customizable, the screen can turn upside down after logging-in.

Maybe you want Log in | Create a new user to cease being links? Or to merely get striked?