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Perl 6 RFC List

by John M. Dlugosz (Monsignor)
on Jul 16, 2001 at 02:48 UTC ( #96910=perlmeditation: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

I had wondered which of the many RFC's were "good to go", so to speak, for the next step in the design of Perl 6. No status is listed with them, and when I asked here nobody knew of a list. So upon going through Damian's Summation I noted the ones he mentioned.

The first part of his talk states what will be in Perl 6, and when multiple RFC's address a single idea, he sites one of them (specifically, only his own RFC 23 for "higher order functions"). So I think he's listing the ones that made it to the next round, not just cataloging all the raw ideas. The second part lists those that were definitly rejected, so again they seem to be cataloged.

Here is the list, taken from that report:

32 334 121 270 Connecting w/ other languages
36 filenames
43 arbitrary precision numbers
189 cleanup
125 323 core cleanup
146 155 230 slim core
214 error/warning
294 295 312 Unicode
301 310 270 compilation
28 137 guiding principles
136 fix iterators
7 time
17 globals
19 local
159 operator overloading
20 97 256 overloading
21 context
22 switch statement
173 loops
120 foreach
25 comparisons
213 221 DWIM tests
37 259 return lists
57 128 160 param lists
55 71
83 constants
114 configuration
140 278 B&D
187 bless
188 336 encapsulation
193 delegation
265 interfaces
335 reflection
93 316 110 150 276 158 348 regex
8 232 190 autoload
23 currying
31 coroutines
123 lazy evaluation
194 sub wrappers
260 211 346
252 237 222 interpolation
264 filters
285 input control
310 I/O
329 front-ends
82 90 91 116 117 148 202...207 272 vectors
80 88 119 exceptions
100 URL
178 185 threads
95 object classes
152 223 $_[0]
241 pseudohash
163 attribute

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Re: Perl 6 RFC List
by da (Friar) on Jul 17, 2001 at 02:09 UTC
    You might be interested in the following list that seems to be just what you were looking for, copied directly from Apocalypses 1 and 2. (As I quoted from Damian in my response to your last query, they are official but subject to "Rule Number Two: Larry is allowed to change his mind"). It is interesting to me that many of the RFCs in your list, were not on the below list. And vice versa.

    The PSA rating stands for ``Problem, Solution, Acceptance''.
    The problem and solution are graded on an a-f scale.

    The acceptance rating is one of:
    - a Accepted wholeheartedly
    - b Accepted with a few "buts"
    - c Accepted with some major caveats
    - r Rejected

    RFC PSA Title --- --- ----- Apocalypse 1 16 bdb Keep default Perl free of constraints such as warnings and strict. 26 ccb Named operators versus functions. 28 acc Perl should stay Perl. 73 adb All Perl core functions should return objects. 141 abr This Is The Last Major Revision. Apocalypse 2 Textual 005 cdr Multiline Comments for Perl 102 dcr Inline Comments for Perl Types 161 adb Everything in Perl Becomes an Object 038 bdb Standardise Handling of Abnormal Numbers Like Infinities and NaNs 043 bcb Integrate BigInts (and BigRats) Support Tightly With the Basic Scalars 192 ddr Undef Values ne Value 212 rrb Make Length(@array) Work 218 bcc C<my Dog $spot> Is Just an Assertion Variables 071 aaa Legacy Perl $pkg'var Should Die 009 bfr Highlander Variable Types 133 bcr Alternate Syntax for Variable Names 134 bcc Alternative Array and Hash Slicing 196 bcb More Direct Syntax for Hashes 201 bcr Hash Slicing Strings 105 aaa Remove "In string @ must be \@" Fatal Error 111 aaa Here Docs Terminators (Was Whitespace and Here Docs) 162 abb Heredoc Contents 139 cfr Allow Calling Any Function With a Syntax Like s/// 222 abb Interpolation of Object Method Calls 226 acr Selective Interpolation in Single Quotish Context 237 adc Hashes Should Interpolate in Double-Quoted Strings 251 acr Interpolation of Class Method Calls 252 abb Interpolation of Subroutines 327 dbr C<\v> for Vertical Tab 328 bcr Single Quotes Don't Interpolate \' and \\ Files 034 aaa Angle Brackets Should Not Be Used for File Globbing 051 ccr Angle Brackets Should Accept Filenames and Lists Lists 175 rrb Add C<list> Keyword to Force List Context (like C<scalar>) Retracted 010 rr Filehandles Should Use C<*> as a Type Prefix If Typeglobs Are Eliminated 103 rr Fix C<$pkg::$var> Precedence Issues With Parsing of C<::> 109 rr Less Line Noise - Let's Get Rid of @% 245 rr Add New C<empty> Keyword to DWIM for Clearing Values 263 rr Add Null() Keyword and Fundamental Data Type

    ___ -DA > perl -MPOSIX -le '$ENV{TZ}="EST";print ctime(1000000000)' Sat Sep 8 20:46:40 2001
      Definitly different. Damian's talk shows that "Hilander Variable Types" was rejected, for example. And "This is last major revision", as I recall in the paper, was rejected right there! That is, he talked about it, but said 7 might be better for a last version number. Larry also said he was not going to have inline comments.

      So, that might be a list of what was covered in the Apocalypse, but pros/cons mixed together. That is, the ones he talked about. And you show Retracted ones on that list, so those can't possibly be "accepted".

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