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Re: Formal Education Required?

by lemming (Priest)
on Jul 13, 2001 at 23:06 UTC ( #96537=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Formal Education Required?

I took 4 years of college, but no degree. My time in college was worth it in that I got a lot of social training. Most of my CIS knowledge came afterwards. I struggled for a while in the beginning. I'm finding that the lack of degree does hurt in a couple areas, but mainly with companies that have the attitude that I'm not comfortable with. I've also got 15 years of experience at this point, so the degree is not that much of an issue as is my keeping up with current events.

However, I have found that in this industry downturn the lack of degree is one more factor that will weed your resume out

Knowing what I know now, I'd suggest going for the degree because you can afford the time. Once you get into the corporate world, it's a lot harder to break away and earn that degree.

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Re: Re: Formal Education Required?
by petesmiley (Friar) on Jul 14, 2001 at 04:36 UTC
    The degree is definitely helpful when finding a job. It gets your foot in the door. I spent 4 years in college as well with no degree to show for it. I get paid pretty fat, but it took me 7 years to get here.

    However after spending all that time in school, I can definitely say this: Don't go to school unless finishing is the most important thing to you. It wasn't for me and that's why I didn't finish. I don't regret it. Although, I do intend to go back when one is important enough to me to finish.

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