So here I am, 18yrs, full time job, started college, but dropped out 2nd semester freshman year because I'm an unmotivated loser.

Now lately I've been taking a perspective look on my life wondering, where do I go from here? I've lived in a small city 20miles north of Tampa, FL, (ALL 18yrs of my life, eek!) and I'm dying to leave. I'm starting to take a look at moving north, or west, but one problem keeps coming up. A Job. Now my dream job would be to go somewhere and grow into a (System|Network) Admin job, but most of the places I look into want either a B.S. in Computer Science (ironiclly most of us can B.S. C.S. anyday) or one of the "Amazingly Spectacular" Certs (cough...MSCE, A+...cough). [mexnix notes that most non-computer-based CO.'s will take most certs not knowing what they actually are]

My Questions:
Do some of you (older|experienced) monks believe that the formal education is worth the time spent?
In your experience, have these things been required, or your previous experience brought you through?

This does not mean that I do not plan to get a B.S., but is, more or less, asking if, at this point in my life, will can I uproot and relocate sucessfully? I plan on going to whatever community college I can get my hands on when I get to where I'm going.

From a fellow monk afraid about his future,

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