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Isn't it easier to just switch over to $1 and $2 at this point? Your new substr workaround isn't very readable (to me anyway), so it appears that you've lost the one thing you were hoping to gain by using %+.

my $regexp = qr/(\d+)\s+(\d+)/; while(<$fh>) { next unless /$regexp/; my $value1 = $1; my $value2 = $2; print "GOT $value1 $value2\n"; }

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Re^3: Memory Leaks and %+
by BrowserUk (Pope) on Mar 01, 2012 at 15:16 UTC

    I completely agree yours is more readable that the OPs alternate version. But even more readable is:

    my $regexp = qr/(\d+)\s+(\d+)/; while(<$fh>) { my( $value1, $value2 ) = /$regexp/ or next; print "GOT $value1 $value2\n"; }

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