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hello every one i have a program to identify a given motif in the dna seq and color that particular region alone. when i am trying it by using ansi color my entire seq is being colored what should i do to color only the motif part here is the code that i have used
#use strict; #use warnings; #Progarm to find motif site in a given protein sequence using files use Term::ANSIColor open(READ,"<dna.txt"); @e=<READ>; $a=join(" ",@e); $a=~s/\s+//gi; $s=0;@c; for($i=0;$i<length($a);$i++) { $d=substr($a,$i,6); if($d eq "AGGGGG") { print color 'bold green'; $s++; push(@c,$i+1); } } print $a ; print"NUMBER OF SITES THE MOTIF (AGGGGG) IS PRESENT: $s\n"; print"AND THE POSITION IN THE STRING IS:", print join(',',(@c,"\n")),"\n\n";