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Hi everyone, I am a beginner to programming and perl. I have a hash (a=>2, b=>1, c=>5, d=>3, e=>4); all i have to do is take a string and slide through the string and calculate the i+(i+3) value and print it. Forgive me I make it so complex so i coudn't paste the entire code. Plz help me. Here is the pseudo code

%hash = (a=>2, b=>1, c=>5, d=>3, e=>4); $input = "abcdaeec"; $calculate = $i+($i+n) of $input; #where n = 2 or 3 (sliding window:- #like a+c b+d c+a d+e a+e e+c 2+5 1+3 5+2 3+4 2+4 4+5) prints= 7 4 7 7 6 9