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by mrdurtal (Scribe)
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Joris-Karl Huysmans (Public Domain)

A Bit About Me

296 University academic and researcher into positive approaches to men's health, particularly Indigenous male health (Australia) based on a social model, rather than merely a bio-medical model of health.

My doctoral work was a text-based exploration of survival among Australians on the Burma side of the Burma-Siam Railway during World War Two.

I am interested in Health 2.0 (web-based social interactions relating to health education and community participation) and the moral geographies of 'property' as it relates to the distribution, sharing/control and use of resources required to support healthy persons and populations.

A former radiotelegrapher and electronics technician, I am a seven year veteran of the US Navy.

I have been married to the same person for more than three decades; we have three adult children who are all artists and reasonably sane.

The user name (Durtal) is a literary allusion that reveals a great deal about me.

A Haunting Thought

"The condition upon which God hath given liberty to man is eternal vigilance; which condition if he break, servitude is at once the consequence of his crime and the punishment of his guilt." John Philpot Curran (Dublin, 1750-1817), in a speech to the Privy Council on 10 July 1790.

A Humorous Thought (or, two)

There is more than one way to @verb a cat.

If the front door is locked, they've probably left the back door wide open.

Ariadne's Threads for an old pate

Perl Exercises: For Beginners

Markup in the Monastery

Posting on PerlMonks

Pattern Matching, Regular Expressions, and Parsing





Where and how to start learning Perl

XML-RPC in a CGI::Application

Flipin good, or a total flop?

How (Not) To Ask A Question

An Exploratory List of Texts for Public Health Text/Data Mining

(Clustered in potential order of introduction to subject for teaching & research purposes; more traditional Perl texts to be listed later. Please note that I am no expert in this area. As a department head, I am upgrading my own skill sets in preparation for proposing a major redeployment of our teaching and research programs over the next three years to get them more thoroughly into the 21st Century. This is just one area of concern.)

Cluster A

Russell, M.A. (2011) Mining the Social Web. O'Reilly.

Nota bene: Unfortunately, the above text is not Perl oriented. "Will noone rid me of this pesky Python?", | "Why sssssshouldn't we esssspect a Sssssspanith Inquithissssion?", | "Why hasn't Father Guido Sarducci exposed the 'pretender' in L'Osservatore Romano?" {Apologies to Saint Thomas A'Beckett, and the writers of Monty Python & (Saturday Night Live | Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In, if you are old enough to remember it!)}

Hammond, M. (2003) Programming for Linguists: Perl for Language Researchers. Blackwell.

Bilisoly, R. (2008) Practical Text Mining with Perl. Wiley.

Chromatic (2010) Modern Perl. Onyx Neon Press.

Cluster B

Clos, K.J., Pedrycz, W., Swiniarski, R.W. and Kurgan, L.A. (2007) Data Mining: A Knowledge Discovery Approach. Springer.

Konchady, M. (2006) Text Mining Application Programming (Perl). Charles River Media.

Weiss, S.M., Indurkhya, N., Zhang, T. and Damerau, F.J. (2005) Text Mining: Predictive Methods for Analyzing Unstructured Information. Springer.

Liu, B. (2011) Web Data Mining: Exploring Hyperlinks, Contents, and Usage Data. (2nd Ed.). Springer.

Cluster C

Nugues, P.M. (2006) An Introduction to Language Processing with Perl and Prolog: An Outline of Theories, Implementation, and Application. Springer.

Berry, M.W. and Casellanos, M. (Eds.) (2007) Survey of Text Mining: Clustering, Classification, and Retrieval. (2nd Ed.). Springer.

Feldman, R. and Sanger, J. (2007) The Text Mining Handbook: Advanced Approaches in Analysing Unstructured Data. Cambridge.

Witten, I.H., Frank, E. and Hall, M.A. (2011) Data Mining: Practical Machine Learning Tools and Techniques. (3rd Ed.). Morgan Kaufmann.

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