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Re^6: comparing file contents

by kumaar1986 (Initiate)
on Nov 22, 2011 at 19:04 UTC ( #939515=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^5: comparing file contents
in thread comparing file contents

I have two files namely ICD-Codes-text which is tab format and other file named female.txt which has been split word by word . i need to compare the contents of female1.txt to ICD-codes file 0th array values. If there is a match then the matched value in female1.txt should be replaced with ICD-code files corresponding 1st array value. I am a beginner in PERL. I tried to write some code but i do not know where am going wrong or its completely wrong. Help me with this please

#!/usr/bin/perl print "reading 'ansvarig_vardenhet_utf8.txt'\n"; open(WIN, "icd-10-codes.txt"); while($line = <WIN>) { @columns = split(/\t/, $line); #print "$columns[1]"; foreach my $value (@columns) { #print "$value\n" } } close(WIN); print "reading 'ansvarig_vardenhet_utf8.txt'\n"; open(IN, "female1.txt"); while($line = <IN>) { %col = split(/ /, $line); #print "$columns[1]\n"; foreach my $val (%col) { if($val == $columns[0]){ $val =~ s/$val/$columns[1]/g; print IN ">>$val\n"; } } } close(IN);

file samples

z988 Z98.8 - Andra specificerade postoperativa tillstånd z99 Z99 - Beroende av maskinella och andra hjälpmedel som ej klassi +ficeras annorstädes z990 Z99.0 - Beroende av aspirationshjälpmedel z991 Z99.1 - Beroende av respirator z992 Z99.2 - Beroende av njurdialys w0609 W06.09 - Fall från säng-bostad-ospec aktiviteter z993 Z99.3 - Beroende av rullstol z998 Z99.8 - Beroende av annan specificerad utrustning och andra sp +ecificerade hjälpmedel z999 Z99.9 - Beroende av icke specificerade maskinella och andra hj +älpmedel


patient has been admitted to the hospital for having infection on the +recently operated right leg. w0609 w0609 w0609 w0609 w0609 w0609

I hope i have changed it as required. If not please let me know i will try to change further. thanks for your time and effort to help me correct my problems. Thanks for your help in advance

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Re^7: comparing file contents
by ww (Archbishop) on Nov 22, 2011 at 19:12 UTC
    I hope i have changed it as required.

    Your latest post appears properly formatted... but next time, please do so as an edit of the mal-formatted post (and be sure to add a note that you've done so) rather than creating a redundant node.

        Aaaargh! My bad.

        kumaar1986 owns the original; it didn't even occur to me to check that the node we're discussing was not likewise owned.

        Hey, kumaar1986!! LOG IN before writing nodes!

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