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Re^5: comparing file contents

by Util (Priest)
on Nov 22, 2011 at 17:40 UTC ( #939500=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^4: comparing file contents
in thread comparing file contents

Please look at how your file samples appear to the rest of us; with no line breaks, we cannot tell what should be on line one of the file, vs line two, etc.

Then, please edit your post so that lines of data do not all run together.

If you cannot edit the post, (because you did not log in when you posted it), then add another post with just the two data files.

When you post anything on this site, there is a notice, in bold, directly below the "preview" button:

Put <code> </code> tags around your code and data!
(The notice does not appear then you edit an existing post, but probably *should* appear.)

We want to help you. You just are not giving us all the information we need to help you.

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Re^6: comparing file contents
by kumaar1986 (Initiate) on Nov 22, 2011 at 19:04 UTC

    I have two files namely ICD-Codes-text which is tab format and other file named female.txt which has been split word by word . i need to compare the contents of female1.txt to ICD-codes file 0th array values. If there is a match then the matched value in female1.txt should be replaced with ICD-code files corresponding 1st array value. I am a beginner in PERL. I tried to write some code but i do not know where am going wrong or its completely wrong. Help me with this please

    #!/usr/bin/perl print "reading 'ansvarig_vardenhet_utf8.txt'\n"; open(WIN, "icd-10-codes.txt"); while($line = <WIN>) { @columns = split(/\t/, $line); #print "$columns[1]"; foreach my $value (@columns) { #print "$value\n" } } close(WIN); print "reading 'ansvarig_vardenhet_utf8.txt'\n"; open(IN, "female1.txt"); while($line = <IN>) { %col = split(/ /, $line); #print "$columns[1]\n"; foreach my $val (%col) { if($val == $columns[0]){ $val =~ s/$val/$columns[1]/g; print IN ">>$val\n"; } } } close(IN);

    file samples

    z988 Z98.8 - Andra specificerade postoperativa tillstånd z99 Z99 - Beroende av maskinella och andra hjälpmedel som ej klassi +ficeras annorstädes z990 Z99.0 - Beroende av aspirationshjälpmedel z991 Z99.1 - Beroende av respirator z992 Z99.2 - Beroende av njurdialys w0609 W06.09 - Fall från säng-bostad-ospec aktiviteter z993 Z99.3 - Beroende av rullstol z998 Z99.8 - Beroende av annan specificerad utrustning och andra sp +ecificerade hjälpmedel z999 Z99.9 - Beroende av icke specificerade maskinella och andra hj +älpmedel


    patient has been admitted to the hospital for having infection on the +recently operated right leg. w0609 w0609 w0609 w0609 w0609 w0609

    I hope i have changed it as required. If not please let me know i will try to change further. thanks for your time and effort to help me correct my problems. Thanks for your help in advance

      I hope i have changed it as required.

      Your latest post appears properly formatted... but next time, please do so as an edit of the mal-formatted post (and be sure to add a note that you've done so) rather than creating a redundant node.

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