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Well, assuming that you are still looking to use the 'system' function that we talked about yesterday, you would simply do:
my @args = ("deltree", "/y", 'c:\pathname') system(@args) == 0 or die "system @args failed: $?";
However, since you did ask about a very similar question yesterday, you really should get into the habit of reading the documentation. Perl comes with a lot of good docs, and they're also available on the web. Looking up the system command in the documentation willl yield all this and more. But of course, if you ever have trouble understanding anything you read, or aren't sure where to look, by all means ask. Good luck!

Update: With tachyon's suggestion, I changed the quotes in the @arg variable for the pathname from double to single quotes, to keep \p from interpolating into something interesting that we don't really want :-) Thanks, tachyon++