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That's all fine and such, but the thread started from the assumption the OP coworker actually have a task to accomplish. Not doing said task isn't "a feature not implemented yet".
An important issue here is that a product can be released
"here"? In which sense? The OP is teaching his coworkers regular expressions as tools. To be used to generate the product to be delivered. It's on those tools the OP claimed "less code is less bugs" - to which I objected.

Now whether those unimplemented features become "bugs" or not really depends on the documentation and marketing.
Really? That's all? Djees, I wish I had know that years ago. All those time I've been working from specifications and customer wishes - and now you're telling me they don't matter? If I just don't document what I haven't implemented (or haven't implemented correctly), my delivered product doesn't have bugs! Can I keep the test suite, even if it fails?

So, I guess with the following commands you could remove all the bugs in Perl at once:

$ git clone ssh:// $ git rm pod/* $ echo "Perl is bugfree" > README $ git commit -m "Removed all bugs from Perl" -a $ git push origin blead
Quick, put in a grant proposal for the perl5 maintenance fund before Nick and Dave do it the hard way!