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Re: find "x" quantity newest files in a dir

by azatoth (Curate)
on Jun 27, 2001 at 13:46 UTC ( #91873=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to find "x" quantity newest files in a dir

This does what you're looking for : it's from File Attributes in Win32. All you need to do is change the -A to -M or whatever. Feel free to hack the code as much as you like.

#!perl -w use strict; print "Enter Directory Path : \n"; chomp(my $dirPath = <STDIN>); opendir (DIR, "$dirPath") || die "Fscked Filesystem: $!\n"; my @fileList = grep(!/^\.\.?$/, readdir (DIR)); closedir (DIR); foreach my $file (@fileList) { check_files($file,$dirPath); } ## SUBS ## sub check_files { my $file = shift; my $dirPath = shift; if (-A $file > 30) { print "$file has not been used for over 30 days. De +lete? [y/n]\n"; chomp(my $ans = <STDIN>); if ($ans =~ /^y/) { unlink ("$dirPath\\$file") || die "Could Not + Remove $file : $!\n"; print "Deleting $dirPath\\$file...\n"; } else { print "Skipping File...\n"; } } }
Update: Actually this doesn't do what you're looking for, but the code will help you on your way...

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