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Hi there

This is an embarassingly easy question I'm sure, but I simply dont know why my wee script isnt working properly.

I have a text file that looks like this: etc
and I want to split the contents of each line on the period so that for:
I get
$nums[0] = 1, $nums[1] = 2 $nums[3] = 56 etc
Could anyone please point out whatever silly error is in my script? At the moment $nums[0] when printed contains the enire contents of the line e.g. and all the others are (obviously) empty
#!/usr/bin/env perl use strict; my $file = shift; open(FILE, $file) || die "Unable to open $file for reading: $!\n"; while(<FILE>) { my @sf = split; #print "@sf\n"; print test my @nums = split(/\\./, $sf[0]); #print "@nums\n"; print "$nums[0]\n"; }
All help much appreciated!