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Re: Variable "%data" is not available

by ikegami (Pope)
on Mar 21, 2011 at 20:53 UTC ( #894620=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Variable "%data" is not available

To me, this scenario isn't covered by either of the given explanations.

It's covered by the second one. %data has gone out of scope. The lexical block in which it resides (the file) was exited before AUTOLOAD was called.

A sub can extend the life of a lexical by becoming a closure and capturing the lexical. However, a sub only captures the variables it needs, meaning it only captures the lexicals it references. Other lexicals aren't captured.

If there's a reference to (i.e. a mention of) %data in AUTOLOAD (e.g. if you uncomment any of the commented statements), then the sub captures %data, and the eval will find %data.

If there are no references to %data in AUTOLOAD, then the sub doesn't capture %data, so it won't exist when eval is evaluated.

Adding «%data if 0;» to AUTOLOAD is enough to make it capture the lexical without warnings.

$ perl -wE'{ my $s=1; sub f { eval q{$s} } } say f || 0;' Variable "$s" is not available at (eval 1) line 2. 0 $ perl -wE'{ my $s=1; sub f { $s if 0; eval q{$s} } } say f || 0;' 1

Another option is to use a package variable since they don't go out of scope.

$ perl -wE'{ my $s=1; sub f { eval q{$s} } } say f || 0;' Variable "$s" is not available at (eval 1) line 2. 0 $ perl -wE'{ our $s=1; sub f { eval q{$s} } } say f || 0;' 1

Then, running perl works fine

I cringe whenever someone does

perl -c
instead of
perl -e'use Foo;'

because they're not equivalent. The crucial difference in this case is that you now call AUTOLOAD before the lexical scope of %data is exited.

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