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I am in the process of trying to parse data out of a text file. I have an irregular expression that takes the person's name and puts it in this format J. Arcain. However, if the person's name is like the third entry below, my code does not parse the name. Below is a piece of what the file looks like.
24|Janeth Arcain|6|6|217|36.2|51|106|.481| 321|Elen Chakirova|5|0|27|5.4|2|4|.500| 380|Kelley Gibson-White|6|0|85|14.2|3|17|.176|8|8|1.000|
This is the expression I am using to parse out the name.
~ s/^([A-Z])\w*( \w+)$/$1.$2/g
If anyone knows how I can parse the name out in this format K. Gibson-White, I would greatly appreciate it.