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Do you know where your variables are?

Re: What if you are not a genius?

by OzzyOsbourne (Chaplain)
on Jun 12, 2001 at 20:05 UTC ( #87852=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to What if you are not a genius?

"And I'm just wondering how other "regular" folk, like me, find ways to compete with this kind of talent. I imagine it could get a little discouraging to see a kid fresh off the street writing the equivalent of Shakespearean Perl while you pound out some excellent but rather trite, magazine-quality style that took you 5 years to develop."

I am regular. I am not discouraged.

To paraphrase a bit of Sun Tsu, you must use each individual to their talent. Give the genius the mamouth problems. Give the regular person regular problems. To reverse the two, is to waste the time of both.

Being a resource is good, but being a resource of resources is useful, too. As it is impossible to know all of the answers, being able to find resources is important.

The Genius wondered,
"Where would the internet be
without all the links?"

Gong rings in distance...


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