from today's Chatterbox (quoted by permisson):

Lexicon just noticed that Perlmonk's perlman library is from Perl 5.00 +5. Isn't it time to update that? <Lexicon> For instance, I can't link to a use warnings; manpage. <Vynce> i think perlmonks should keep documentation for each version a +vailable. <Vynce> ideally, separarted so you can visit perlman:perlre:v56 or v4 +or etc. <Vynce> then you could have a user setting "preferred version" and it +could assume you want your version's perlman unless you specify otherwise. <Lexicon> That would be optimal, but if we're only going to have one, +it should be the latest. <Vynce> luckily for vroom, i can't think of an intelligent way to expl +ain what i want. (:

i think Lexicon is right; updating the perlman pages would be good. but i would like to keep old versions of manpages around for those using old versions of perl, and i think this would be a good way to do what everybody wants. thoughts? vroom, is this possible? also, i think the translation engine that was turning perlman pages into nodes needs a little work; i often see silly wrong things like &#091; instead of [.