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Re^2: Net::SSH2 and Solaris

by dwm042 (Priest)
on Nov 11, 2010 at 01:59 UTC ( [id://870749] : note . print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Net::SSH2 and Solaris
in thread Net::SSH2 and Solaris

The problem with sun freeware is that they depend on a gcc compiler that locates in /usr/local and would trash the already existing gcc there. That said, the perl in /usr/local already has a working Net::SFTP and the bugs in that are why I want a Solaris Net::SSH2. Net::SSH::Perl bugs are the causes of my problems.


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Re^3: Net::SSH2 and Solaris
by salva (Canon) on Nov 11, 2010 at 06:34 UTC