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There is nothing wrong with your name, but you will stay a beginner forever, at least with your name...

I just want to point out to choose the right way to do things to avoid causing more damage than benefit. You can use a club to get a fly away from your friends shoulder, but he may not recover from your favour. You have a powerful tool with perl, I just want to be sure that you use it wisely.

Reading a lot of files in a short time from a public server could be misinterpreted... if you are a teacher you should be aware of the consequences ... you might kill the server with a buggy script. I just want to predict you from having to say "Oh, I did not WANT that, it was really not my intention"

A phonebook is also available to public, but I dislike the idea of having it machine redable for dialing bots ...

I'm a software developer since many years and if you're using example or test code on real data on a public server, you really do not know what you do form my point of view.

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