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Re^5: Why it is important to counter FUD.

by tirwhan (Abbot)
on Oct 28, 2010 at 12:39 UTC ( #868001=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^4: Why it is important to counter FUD.
in thread Why it is important to counter FUD.

I wish it was possible to express a positive opinion of the iThreads model...without...

If this is really your goal, IMO the tactic you chose is highly ineffective and probably counterproductive. Personal attacks on the "soundbiters" you describe (if they even exist, of which I am doubtful) only reduce you to the same level and alienate readers (well, me, at least). Uncalled-for aggressiveness is not a good way to persuade others in a technical discussion. Subsequently hiding behind the straw-man of "they're bad, so I have to be bad too" is downright offputting.

...persuade or cajole...

Please do, it's the bullying I frown upon.

The point of this meditation is to point a real-time example of how, yesterday's FUD becomes today's de-facto understanding.

How does one new posters opinion become "de-facto understanding"? And if that was really the point, what is the passive-aggressive "I hope you guys are proud" supposed to do, except alienate further?

No paranoia. Just counter argument

To an argument I never made, and which could only be thought to have been there if you looked at my post from the worst possible angle and ignored any exchanges we've had in the past. Paranoia.

Anyway, this discussion is increasingly meta and I am really not in the position to tell you how to behave (nor would I at all wish to be). Objection raised, do with it what you will.

All dogma is stupid.

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