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Lately, most of the code I write for CGI's generally follows the same basic design pattern:

(I hear that Apache::Pagekit encapsulates alot of this into a single framework, but I am not convinced that the platform is stable enough for my needs yet.)

The great thing about HTML::FormValidator is that you can set up "validation profiles". By this I mean you can built a set of rules for a newsletter subscription, or an order submission, for example. The design of the module allows it to share these pre-made profiles with many other scripts. Once you write a profile for what I call a "web object", you can reuse it over and over for the same type of data.

If your 40-odd scripts are asking for similar types of data, using this module might be a good way to factor out all the validation and detainting code.

Update: Sorry, I see that you have 40 elements per form, not scripts. Either way, this module *will* save you enough time, so you can concentrate on Quake more =)