This is not Perl and it's absolutely trivial, but it is PerlMonks related, and I have found it quite useful, so here it is. Add the HTML below to a web page to have a PerlMonks search box, with links to SuperSearch and to your home node.

If you use it, you may want to copy the image locally to reduce (a little bit) the load on the server.

If you want to snag some other useful search forms that I have concocted or collected over time, please see

<!-- Begin Perlmonks search form --> <form method="GET" action=""> <a href=""> <img src="" alt="PerlMo +nks" border=0 align=absmiddle></a> <input type=text name="node" size=40 maxlength=80> <input type=submit name="go_button" value="Search"> <font size=-1> <a href="">Super Se +arch</a> | <a href="">You</a> </font> </form> <!-- End Perlmonks search form -->