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Re: Packaging Perl Programs (is) Painful

by tsee (Curate)
on Sep 05, 2010 at 10:43 UTC ( #858912=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Packaging Perl Programs (is) Painful

The bug tracker awaits you.

But surprise. A more helpful person has already filed the lib issue and it's been fixed in the meantime. (Thanks to Eric and Roderich.)

Clearly, reading up on bug reporting will also be of benefit to you.

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Re^2: Packaging Perl Programs (is) Painful
by Sue D. Nymme (Monk) on Sep 06, 2010 at 02:18 UTC
    A more helpful person has already filed the lib issue and it's been fixed in the meantime.

    I would say an equally helpful person. ;-)

    (I'm Eric. "Sue D. Nymme" is my main online alias)

      Hey! That's great. You really got me there. I'll leave my original post uncorrected to get my deserved embarrassment.

      What remains, though, is that I am not entirely happy with the tone of your post. If I didn't know who it's coming from, I'd put it down as whining and unproductive. The situation is not nearly as dire as you make it. Steffen

        Well, I will own up to that. I was very frustrated. Perl does so many things so well that I get impatient when it doesn't do something seemingly ordinary by itself for me by magic. ;-)

        I really liked Cava Packager; I was surprised and disappointed that it didn't bundle things as neatly as I thought it should have. pp looked pretty good, and lots of people rave about PAR; I was frustrated by what I thought was a fairly big stumbling block.

        Perhaps what I really needed was to step back and look at the problem differently—and a lot of the posts in this thread suggest different approaches that I will certainly try.

        +1 for the Perl community, anyhow.

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