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Thanks for all the comments.

I have drafted a proposal, splitting development into phases. I have also requested to use rackspace for hosting. I am currently waiting to hear what the outcome is. I am also looking at purchasing forwardSQL as suggested by an anonymous Monk.

If all goes well I will have enough time to really sit down and play with Perl, instead of frantically trying to debug everything.

Slash is interesting and I will look at it.

I think my biggest problem right now is to decide what exactly to use.
Will I use HTML::Template, Mason etc. ?
will I use mod_perl?
Will I use Mysql? (I still think I will)
If I do get a dedicated server to play with, what other possibilities are out there to do this.

At the moment I know that I am going to use Perl, and DBI with a database (probably MySQL).

any comments would be appreciated.