in reply to Does Pod::Coverage::Moose work or am I just being obtuse?

The default behavior of Pod::Coverage when deciding what to look for (in _get_syms) is to ignore imported subroutines such as those generated for Moose attributes. So even though it sees the methods associated with the attributes, it drops them.

Maybe Pod::Coverage could use a 'watchlist' argument for its constructor to explicitly specify methods that need pod entries even if they're imported from elsewhere. Then Pod::Coverage::Moose might be able to take advantage of that, sifting through class attributes to build an appropriate watch list based on those defined in the class rather than big meta-stuff like 'blessed' or 'confess'. 'IsMoose::cow'? On the watch list. 'IsMoose::meta'? Not on the watch list.

The basic problem was reported as a regression a while back.

I'll have to chew on this thought a little bit.