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Not fair! I already used "pmchat" for my sample chat client! :-)


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Re: Re: pmchat
by mr.nick (Chaplain) on Jun 03, 2001 at 21:53 UTC
    Doh! I didn't realize; I do apologize. I had been bouncing this script around here for almost two weeks; having posted it (incorrectly) in "Craft" and hadn't heard it was conflicting with yours.


      I really don't mind! I just thought it was funny that you chose the same name. Although "pmchat" is a pretty obvious name for a PerlMonks chat client, I guess :-) Besides, I don't think anyone uses the one included with my modules, since it's very simple and intended more as a test than anything else, so I don't think anyone will get confused.

      I have been very busy lately and only browsing Newest Nodes every once in a while, so I hadn't seen your previous post of the script, sorry about that.