The iPhone OS is capable of syncing "Notes" with a special folder in your mail account (usually over IMAP) such that each note is listed as a message in your mail system.

This is handy for reading/writing your Notes in mail clients on other machines/devices, but I really wanted a way to have automated tools update Notes directly. This script reads from STDIN, and takes care of the special iPhone Mail Header subtleties.

UPDATE: Added options for making it work better with remote IMAP servers, particularly gmail.

#!/usr/bin/perl # # run --help for usage # # $Id: 32 2011-02-22 04:26:00Z hossman $ # use strict; use warnings; use Getopt::Long; use Pod::Usage; use Data::UUID; use Mail::Message; use Mail::Box::Manager; use constant SUBJ_HEADER => 'Subject'; use constant UUID_HEADER => 'X-Universally-Unique-Identifier'; use constant TYPE_HEADER => 'X-Uniform-Type-Identifier'; use constant TYPE_VALUE => ''; my %folder_opts = ('access'=>'rw'); my $foldername = undef; my $uuid = undef; my $help = 0; my $gmail = 0; my $create = 0; my $modify = 0; my $delete = 0; GetOptions('help|usage|?' => \$help, 'folder|f=s' => \$foldername, 'opt|opts=s%' => \%folder_opts, 'uuid|u=s' => \$uuid, 'create|c' => \$create, 'modify|m' => \$modify, 'delete|d' => \$delete, 'gmail|g' => \$gmail, ) or pod2usage(2); pod2usage(1) if $help; if ($gmail) { $foldername = 'Notes'; $folder_opts{'server_name'} = ''; $folder_opts{'type'} = 'imaps'; } pod2usage("must specify a --folder") unless defined $foldername; pod2usage("Can not use more then one of --create, --modify, --delete") if (1 < $create + $modify + $delete); pod2usage("Must specify one of --create, --modify, --delete") if (0 == $create + $modify + $delete); pod2usage("must specify a --uuid to use --modify or --delete") unless ($create or defined $uuid); my $mgr = Mail::Box::Manager->new; # really wish Mail::Box impls registered themselves by default if (exists $folder_opts{'type'} and $folder_opts{'type'} eq 'imaps') { $mgr->registerType('imaps' => 'Mail::Box::IMAP4::SSL'); } my $folder = $mgr->open($foldername, %folder_opts) or die "Can't open folder: $foldername\n"; if ($modify or $delete) { # find the existing message # Ugh, gmail doesn't seem to support whatever Mail::Box::Search::G +rep # tries to do to find messages with a specific header name=val my @matches = grep { $_->head->get(UUID_HEADER()) eq $uuid } $folder->messages() +; my $num = scalar @matches; if (1 < $num) { die "Found too many messages: $num"; } elsif ($num < 1) { die "Didn't find any matches"; } # delete now, add a new one later $matches[0]->delete(); } if ($create or $modify) { # create the "new" message $uuid = Data::UUID->new()->create_str() unless defined $uuid; my @lines = <STDIN>; my $subject = $lines[0]; chomp $subject; my $msg = Mail::Message->build ( UUID_HEADER() => $uuid, TYPE_HEADER() => TYPE_VALUE, SUBJ_HEADER() => $subject, 'data' => \@lines, ); $mgr->appendMessage($folder, $msg); $folder->close(); $mgr->close(); } __END__ =head1 NAME - Manipulate iPhone notes in a mail folder =head1 SYNOPSIS -f folder -c [-u uid] < somefile.txt -f folder -m -u uid < somefile.txt -f folder -d -u uid --gmail --opts --opts password=s +3cr3t ... Options: -h or --help Print help documentation -f or --folder The Mail::Box::Manager compliant foldername to mani +pulate -u or --uuid The UUID of the specific note to manipulate in that + folder -c or --create To create a new note -m or --modify To modify an existing note (requires --uuid) -d or --delete To delete an existing note (requires --uuid) --opts key=val pairs of Mail::Box options -g of --gmail sets default -f and --opts for using gmail