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by TechFly (Scribe)
on Jul 07, 2010 at 21:11 UTC ( #848547=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

        A couple of years ago (2007) my boss asked if I wanted to go from being a Windows/Active Directory administrator to an AIX administrator. I had been playing with Linux, and figured this would be something new, and probably a lot of fun. I was right.

        After a short time I found out that a lot of things could be done easier with s‎crip‎ts, and started learning how to do ksh shell s‎crip‎ts, and ksh one liners. This help a lot. Then came some perl. I found a good book (The APress Beginning Perl).

        I now work the most on AIX 5L 5.2, 5.3, and a little 6. I have been sucked into application support, but hope to be out of that, and back to just AIX/Linux soon. I don't really like the application stuff.

        Update - 11-16-2010 - I just started a new job, and no longer have as much application support work. I am back to just AIX, and disk. I like it that way. I also get some time to work on things like Perl.

        Update - 12-21-2011 - New job is busier that I expected, but I do get to fix the existing s‎crip‎ts on the websites. The s‎crip‎ts are currently bash, and have little, or no error correction, so when I re-write them in perl, they get a hefty infusion of error correction, and situation testing (make sure the network connection is available before trying to move files to different servers). I am having a lot of fun with it. I don't get to work in perl everyday, but I do frequently.

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