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($code or die): Re: How to calculate development time? (be careful)

by $code or die (Deacon)
on Jun 01, 2001 at 06:26 UTC ( #84823=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Re: How to calculate development time?
in thread How to calculate development time?

Hi Siddartha,

I would /msg this but it's going to be too long, sorry everyone for this ad-space!!!

Apart from Netbanx, you could also try WorldPay. They claim you can get set up with them in around 48 hours - (in reality it takes a little longer because of form filling). There are the following benefits:

  • You have the option to accept payment in multiple currencies
  • It's very easy to integrate, although the look and feel is not very customisable.
  • You don't ever store any credit card information so you don't have to worry about cc info being stolen from your server.
  • They handle repeat billing for you automatically - e.g. subscription fees.
  • web-based statements and refunds facility for the merchant
There are loads more options in the UK for credit card billing such as securetrading - but that is much more work to integrate and get set up with them.

On another note, you'll need to decide about who owns the intellectual property, copyrights, etc. Plus, make sure you don't give them the site without getting paid. If this is your first job, then you might fall into this trap - because it's really easy to think that you need to be very accomodating to the client without covering yourself.

A client of mine developed a job site for someone and has only received about 10% of the fee even though the site was finished about 9 months ago.

Bottom line: try and get everything in writing, if possible arange for some payment up-front or after the first phase is ready for the clients to see.

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Re: ($code or die): Re: How to calculate development time? (be careful)
by Anonymous Monk on Mar 14, 2002 at 10:00 UTC
    Hi, It's nonsense that SECURETRADING takes longer to integrate, they can have a test site up in 10 minutes, to go live would take a bit longer depending on the site/shopping cart. They also have 2 options Xpay, which is xml based and payment pages. It's getting an internet merchant account and bank numbers that takes the tims. SECURETRADING is also cheaper than the others, and without hidden carges for multi-currency, fraud control and support. TRY THEM.

      You are right. You can get set up with SecureTrading very quickly. I have done it several times. I have used both the XPay and it's COM predecessor. Both of them were more work to integrate with a "custom" shopping cart solution than WorldPay. Why? because with WorldPay, THEY handle the actual credit card transaction through payment pages. There is no XPay equivalent (or atleast there wasn't last time I used them)

      There are advantages and disadvantes to both solutions. It ultimately depends on what you're trying to do. Personally, I prefer XPay, but it IS more work. At least it works a lot better than the COM solution did. I had so many problems with that and the documentation was extremely poor. XPay documentation is excellent.

      Please remember that I wrote that reply nearly a year ago and some information is out of date. Bottom line: Evaluate the solutions. One person's sweet solution is another persons bane

      ___ Simon Flack ($code or die)
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        Hi Guys,

        If you are looking for secure and efficient payment processing solutions you sholud looking towards Payment Service Provider. For instance E-Clear provides complete card processing service with fraud protection services.



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