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Thanks for your comments.

I will seriously consider other options, if I knew what they are. The client is a startup company, so it doesn't have a huge bunch of capital to spend on the site. They also consider advertising to be the one thing to spend most of their money on, not the development of the site. Obviously the site is important to them, or they wont spend such a lot of their startup capital on it. The site will basically be their means of income, so it is a crucial part of the company.

So, why did I decide on Perl and MySQL?

Firstly because I know Perl (a bit at least, and I really don't want to use ASP), and have used MySQL before for other stuff.
It is the cheapest option.
I don't think the client can afford a dedicated server at all.
That basically leaves an ISP.
If anyone knows of a ISP that is not too expensive and lets you install Perl modules etc., then please tell me.
Regarding MySQL: I don't think that the posting of a job on a jobsite is the kind of data that warrants using Oracle etc. I will not use MySQL at all for billing purposes, at the moment I am looking at using an external service like NetBanx, but would appreciate other options.
I am basically looking for a Database that will store data that I can search. A flat file is too much hassle to use. I do think that MySQL is therefor the best option for me.
If however I find an ISP that has another Database and is not too expensive, I would consider it.

I would appreciate it if you can give me concrete reasons why Perl and MySQL would not be a good solution, even if it is hosted on an ISP.