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RE: The Code of the Warrior

by Simplicus (Monk)
on Apr 21, 2000 at 17:11 UTC ( #8366=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

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    Truly having no discipline means that you would be
    incapable of making yourself do anything. What kind of
    warrior is it that has no discipline? This statement has no
    semantic content.
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    Obviously you have knowledge. You have no wisdom.
    Knowledge is valuable and can be traded for food and 
    clothing. Wisdom is priceless, yet can't be given 
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    In this rapidly changing world, all of our skills
    become obsolete almost daily. We build on what we know, 
    learning or dying as we each see fit.
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    . . .and give yourself a stroke trying? Nah, I'd 
    rather rely on those who have gone before. that's not lazy, 
    that's smart. Your philosophy would have us all starting by 
    coding keyboard interrupts. Poeple like me have already 
    laid the foundation, so people like you can build on 
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    We all have strength. We all have weakness. Our 
    interactions with others make us strong, wallowing in our 
    own narcissistic selfdom makes us weak.
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    Locate the button (usually on the front of the box) 
    labeled ON/OFF (or O/1). Push it. But seriously, if your 
    desire is power, then it comes as the fruit of labor, 
    always. Again, study the works of those who have gone 
    before, and emulate the masters.

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