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Stable fork of KinoSearch, "KinoSearch1"

by creamygoodness (Curate)
on Mar 18, 2010 at 04:08 UTC ( #829312=perlnews: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Sometime within the next month, the dev branch of KinoSearch, 0.3x, will displace the current 0.1x branch on CPAN. The branches, which split years ago, are neither API-compatible nor file-format compatible.

To accomodate the existing 0.1x user base, a fork of KinoSearch 0.165 has been released into a new namespace, KinoSearch1. Projects based on 0.165 should strongly consider switching to KinoSearch1 so that they do not break when KinoSearch 0.31 is released.

KinoSearch1 is file-format compatible with 0.165. The API is identical, so switching involves sweeping through a code base and replacing all instances of "KinoSearch" with "KinoSearch1". The distribution will only be updated for crucial bugfixes.

Looking forward, the main namespace, "KinoSearch", will return to being the unstable branch where where active development takes place. We expect to spin off an additional stable fork, KinoSearch3, in the near future, so that users who require strong backwards compatibility will be able to take advantage of the many significant advances offered by KinoSearch 0.3x.

Marvin Humphrey, KinoSearch developer

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