Objective: Given a "container" size and a list of numbers, return an array of array references ("containers") which contain the supplied number list in groups of for which the sum does notexceed the specified container size. Further, the function should return only the minimum number of containers required to solve the problem.

Any numbers which absolutely cannot be accomodated given the input data and container size should be returned "unbagged", that is, as scalar data trailing the returned array references.

Other notes: Negative, zero, and fractional values are valid input data for both the input list, and the container size. As such, numbers larger than the container size cannot be immediately discarded without first considering other input data.

Sample Input:
@o = qw [ 14 6 1 22 4 2 7 6 ]; @b = f(15,@o); # "Container size" = 15
Sample output:     @b = ( [14,1], [ 7, 6, 2], [4, 6], 22);