I hope I'm doing this right...

Hereís a proposal for Perl Golf. I have a solution, but after seeing some of the code routinely produced on this site, Iím sure itís not the best.

Given: A set of files in a directory, all with similar filenames, i.e., bar0001.jpg, bar0002.jpg, etc.. Some of you may have directories like this, I believe I have a few myself.

Goal: Write a program that identifies all the missing files in a sequence of the files(not necessaarily all inclusive). It should accept input from the user in either numeric (i.e. 0 and 50) or stringwise (i.e., 0000 and 0050) or a combination of the two.

For an added challenge, figure out what to do if the user inputs a string too big for the comparison (i.e., 00000 rather than 0000). I didnít do this in my solution, but Iíd be very interested in seeing a good way to do it.

In keeping with how I understand the typical Perl Golf proposal to be, I will wait two days before posting my solution. If Iím incorrect in this assumption, let me know and Iíll post it right away. Not that my solution us likely to compare, but it does work. (As opposed to another post I made, that I now wish I hadn't made)